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Custom Electronics

Do you have an idea? Something that you can't get out of existing products?

Purgatory Props will work with you on your requirements and design a high-quality custom product for your needs.

Escape rooms, haunted attractions, home haunters, we will work with you on pricing, quantity, and more.

The price of this service will vary based on time, complexity, and many other factors.
Please contact us about this service if you have any questions.

Purgatory Props is prepared to work with you to create the product of your dreams.

Whether it's for a haunted attraction, an escape room, or anything else, we are prepared to work closely with you on the requirements to create a product that you are proud of, and that we are proud of!

All of our electronics are designed in-house, we do not outsource.

Hardware Design

Purgatory Props has years of experience designing and assembling custom circuit boards.

We will work with you on design constraints such as size and form-factor to make sure we meet your needs.

Firmware Development

If you wish, for your product we can write custom firmware for any microprocessor on your product.

Even if we didn't design your product, we will be more than happen to work with you on getting custom firmware written for your project.

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