Animatronic Maintenance and Programming

Do you have an animatronic that needs new electronics or a new animation?

Purgatory Props will work with you creating an amazing animation sequence that can be synced with custom sound.

As well as breathing new life into old animations with new electronics.

We can build and ship control boards for your animatronics! Using any controller you want.

The price of this service will vary based on time, complexity, and many other factors.
Please contact us about this service if you have any questions.

Creating programs for props, especially older or more complex props, can be a time consuming task.

Whether you are reprogramming a prop to fit your theme, prevent damage, or it's just old and needs a second chance at life (new electronics, valves, etc), Purgatory Props can assist you.

We will come to you, and work with you on what your vision of the prop is, and we will program something that you love, and that we are proud of.

If protecting your prop is your main concern we have experience adding different sensors to props (and the area surrounding them) that limit the range of motion of an animatronic to protect it from damage.

Motors, cylinders, vibrations, there is no prop we can't program!

This service can optionally include custom sounds.

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