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Outdoor PIR Motion Sensor


Use this motion sensor to trigger a controller when someone walks near it. Weather resistant, so it's safe for outdoor use.

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A double layer gasket makes this motion sensor weather resistant!

This easy-to-use sensor can easily mount to most surfaces using the included bracket. It detects body heat moving in front of it to provide a reliable trigger in an outdoor environment.

Includes 15ft of black cable and mounting bracket. No other mounting hardware (screws) are included.

This product is not made by Purgatory Props.

Supply Voltage 12 - 24V DC
Outputs 1
Output Type Relay
Wire Length 15ft
Color White

Outdoor PIR Motion Sensor

Comparing Sensors & Triggers

What distance will it detect motion
The default configuration allows reliable detection up to 39ft (12m). There are internal jumpers that can be changed to allow the unit to detect motion up to 60ft (18m).