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Foot Switch


Heavy duty metal foot pedal switch that makes hands-free scaring easy.

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This metal foot switch with a non-slip pad allows you to trigger scares quickly and efficiently leaving your hands free. Or, mount it to a wall for an easy and reliable hand trigger that is always in the same place!

6ft cable included. Normally open and normally closed contacts.

This product is not made by Purgatory Props.

Dimensions 4.13" x 2.75" x 1.18"
Enclosure Type Metal
Wire Length 6ft

Comparing Sensors & Triggers

Can This Trigger Your Controllers?
Yes! This can be used to trigger all of our Prop Controllers. As well as any Light Controllers that have a trigger input.
What wires do I use?
For most applications you want to use the WHITE and RED wires.

If you use the white and black wires, then the switch inside will always be connected until the pedal is pressed. You can use this as a continuous trigger for something, but have it stop when pressed.