Reflective Beam Sensor


Highly accurate trigger, detects objects moving between sensor and reflector. Safe for outdoor use, cover recommended.

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This highly accurate sensor allows you to detect customers walking between the reflector and sensor so you can precisely trigger a prop.

Powered using 12-24V DC so you can hookup to one of our controllers and be ready almost instantly. These sensors require zero warm-up time unlike a PIR.

This type of sensor could experience issues in heavy fog environments.

These can also be avoided relatively easy (depending on placement) by actors to avoid giving away a scare.

This product is not made by Purgatory Props.

Supply Voltage 12 - 24 V DC
Outputs 1
Output Type Relay
Output Capacity 2A
Enclosure Type IP65 Rated Enclosure
Wire Length 4ft
Can This Trigger Your Controllers?
Yes! This can be used to trigger all of our Prop Controllers. As well as any Light Controllers that have a trigger input.
Can this be used outdoors?
This devices is IP65 rated, so it should be safe in most conditions outside. It should not be submerged underwater, or used in below-freezing temperatures.

We recommend building a little cover for it just to be safe.
What is the detection distance on this?
This sensor is capable of being used with the reflector up-to 13ft away. However, this distance will vary depending on the environment.