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Aamon Quadro


Bring the power of 4 programmable channels, along with our signature special output to your props. Booming 60W stereo audio brings your props to life.

Send us your sounds, and we can pre-load them onto the MicroSD card for you.

Power Supply Not Included
This product does not come with a power supply! We have them available for purchase separately.
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This compact 4-channel prop controller (with an extra output) allows you to easily program more complicated props, and allows you to add audio to your scares.

Powerful 60W Amplifier

This controller features a 60W amplifier. That's 30W per channel when you use 8Ohm speakers and powering with 24V. When powering with 12V you'll get 15W per channel using 8Ohm speakers.

Crystal clear audio means your prop won't suffer from horrible low-bit audio like other controllers on the market.

A 60 watt, or more, power supply is needed when running at full volume.

Need even more power? Connect up to an external amp using the 3.5mm stereo jack.

Powerful Solid-State Outputs

The Aamon Quadro provides up to 2.5A per output! That's more than most controllers on the market.

Solid-State outputs means no complicated wiring! The output is the same as the input voltage, so you'll need a relay if controlling 120V AC or high-current devices like wiper motors.

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SD Card Audio

No need to record sound into this controller, place your MP3 sounds on the included MicroSD card and they will play. Don't need audio? Great, this controller functions without the SD card.

A 4GB MicroSD card is included with the controller.

Output Layering

Layering gives you the ability to record each output one at a time, giving you ultimate control for fine-tuning your animations.

Master Copy

Once you are done configuring and programming, save all the settings and animation to the SD card. This allows you to copy the SD card contents to a computer. Then copy/paste them to future SD cards to create an exact clone of the animation sequence for future controllers.

Dimensions 4.8" x 2.5" x 0.9"
Supply Voltage 9 - 24 V DC
Outputs 4+1
Output Type Solid-State
Isolated Inputs 1
Output Capacity 2.5A each
Max Animation Length 180 minutes
Ambient Animation Length 180 minutes
Audio Yes
Audio Amplifier 2x30W Stereo Class D Amplifier (60W Total)
Audio Source MicroSD Card (included)
Enclosure Type Black Flame-Retardant ABS

Aamon Quadro (PC-400) Overview

Does this play sound?
Yes! This controller has an internal 30W stereo amplifier that plays MP3 files from an SD Card. You can also use the 3.5mm stereo jack to hook this controller to an external amplifier.
Can this control 120V AC?
No, you can not control AC voltages directly with the Aamon Quadro since it uses solid-state outputs. You can use an external relay with the controller which will allow you to control AC voltages.
Can this be used outdoors?
This controller is not suited for outdoor use without a cover or being placed in an external enclosure.
Can I control a Wiper Motor with this controller?
You can not directly control a wiper motor using the Aamon Quadro. You will need to use an external module such as our Wiper Motor Module.
Why is the Sound is Cutting In and Out?
If the sound is cutting in and out try lowering the volume. If lowering the volume solves the problem then you need a larger power supply when running at full volume. Try a 12V 3A or 12V 5A power supply.

If lowering the volume does not solve the problem, check the connections to the speakers, make sure that none of the wires are shorting together where they plug in at the controller.

Then, try changing the SD card and verifying that the MP3 files are high quality and not choppy when played on another device.

If all fails, please contact us.
How to Connect to an External Amp?
To connect this controller to an external amplifier, or power speaker (such as computer speakers), use a 3.5mm stereo cable (a.k.a. aux cable), and connect the controller to the speakers.

Doing this will disable the internal amplifier, so speakers hooked up to the controller will not have sound played over them.

Make sure to turn the volume all the way up on the controller when connecting to an external amplifier.