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Aamon Embedded


Take your costumes, decorations, or hand-held props to the next level with this one-of-a-kind prop controller! The lack of buttons means this controller can be placed in tight spaces, or permanent/semi-permanent installations.

Does not work with most sensors, this prop controller activates when it is powered on.

Power Supply Not Included
This product does not come with a power supply! We have them available for purchase separately.
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Weird Prop Controller
This product is not like our other prop controllers, it is not meant for regular animatronics. Please thoroughly read the user manual and watch our videos before ordering. We are happy to answer any questions.
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This unique controller, which is programmed with an external programmer (1 included with each order), allows you to program up-to 2 minutes of animation.

Control solenoids, LEDs, horns, and more with this ultra-compact prop controller. Program it, trim the yellow wire to prevent accidental reprogramming, then leave in place for a consistent and long-life prop controller.

No Sensors

This controller does not work with most sensors. It doesn't have an input like most prop controllers. Instead, this controller plays the recorded animation when it is powered on. To trigger, use some kind of switch to control power going to the controller, or leave it on constantly.

Perfect for Battery Power

This controller is ideal for battery power applications, since it is triggered when powered on, that means it doesn't drain your battery when waiting for a trigger. Powered on and in idle (output off) it consumes 1/10th of a watt!

Solid-State Outputs

With 4A of continuous output and solid-state outputs, this controller is easy to hookup to common devices. Solenoids, relays, horns, LEDs, all get hooked directly to the output with no additional wiring.
Solid-state means there are no moving parts, so the controller could very well out-live your prop.
With solid-state the output voltage is the same as the input voltage. If you power with 9V, you'll get 9V on the output.

Supply Voltage 9 - 12 V DC
Output Type Solid-State
Output Capacity 4A
Max Animation Length 2m
Enclosure Type Heat Shrink

Aamon Embedded - Programming and Configuration

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