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Aamon Duo


A small but powerful prop controller that makes it easy to program 2-channel animations, a third output is provided for more advanced animations.

Power supply not included.

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This small dual-channel prop controller provides easy programming to smaller props.

Press-N-Play Programming

Easy-to-use push buttons allow you to record over 3 minutes of animation. Programming is done in real-time so you can see the result as you program.

After recording the perfect animation, lock the controller to prevent accidental changes.

Versatile Trigger Input

Trigger your Aamon Duo using motion sensors, beam sensors, pressure mats, push buttons, and more! Or, set it to continuously loop for a constant scare.

The Aamon Duo won't be triggered by a PIR when first turned on and the PIR is warming up.

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Powerful Solid-State Outputs

The Aamon Duo provides up to 2.5A per output! That's more than most controllers on the market.

Solid-State outputs means no complicated wiring! The output is the same as the input voltage, so you'll need a relay if controlling 120V AC or high-current devices.

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Unique Third Output

The bonus third output allows you to take your animations to the next level. Free up a programmable output by using the third output for simple tasks.

Need to turn on a light for the length of your animation? Done.
Need to trigger another controller at the beginning, end, or beginning and end of your animation? Done.

Dimensions 3.8" x 2.2" x 1.1"
Outputs 2/3
Output Type Solid-State
Output Capacity 2.5A each, 7.5A total
Supply Voltage 9 - 24 V DC
Max Animation Length 3m 22s
Inputs (Not Isolated) 1
Audio No
Enclosure Type Black Flame-Retardant ABS

Aamon Duo Overview

The LED is White When Turning On
If the LED turns white when the controller is powered on, then the controller is in warm-up mode. This is to prevent false PIR triggers when the PIR sensor first turns on.
The controller will be ready to play when the PIR is warmed up, or once 1 minute has passed (when controller is set for continuous input).
My Controller Won't Record Animation
If the LED turns off instead of red when you hold the Play/Rec button to start recording, then your controller is in Write Protect Mode. Please read the Write Protect Mode section of the User Manual to learn more.
Outputs are On When Not Playing
If one or both outputs are on when the controller is on, then they are set to inverted output. Please read the Controller Configuration section of the User Manual if this is not the desired behavior.
Controller Does Not Trigger
When the controller is powered on, confirm there is an animation recorded by pressing the Play/Rec button. The LED should turn yellow and the animation will play.

If there is an animation recorded, but the LED does not turn yellow when the Input is triggered verify that the input wiring is correct by referencing the User Manual or videos.

To test the input circuitry, use a piece of wire and touch the screw on the GND(-) terminal to the screw on the IN terminal. This should trigger the animation. If it does not, then your controller is damaged. Please contact us.