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Lux Ultra 16


Take your lighting to the next level with this 16-Channel LED Controller that features nearly 30 different lighting modes!

This can NOT control 120V AC lighting, or incandescent bulbs!

Power Supply Not Included
This product does not come with a power supply! We have them available for purchase separately.
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This 16-Channel LED Controller is powered with 9-24V DC and can run up-to 200 LEDs (at 20mA each)!

We recommend Ned's LEDs for your LED lighting.

Pick one of the awesome 28 lighting effects by pressing the button on the controller. The knob located near the button allows you to change the rate of certain modes, and the brightness of other modes.


  • Blink Awaken
  • Blink Random
  • Blink Async
  • Blink Surprise (triggered)
  • Twinkle 1
  • Twinkle 1 Random
  • Twinkle 2
  • Twinkle 2 Random
  • Strobe Together
  • Strobe Alternate
  • Strobe Random
  • Ping Loop
  • Ping Bounce
  • Chase 3 On 1 Off_loop
  • Chase 3 On 1 Off Bounce
  • Chase 1 On 3 Off Loop
  • Chase 1 On 3 Off Bounce
  • Pulse Together
  • Pulse Alternate
  • Pulse Random
  • Half Pulse Together
  • Half Pulse Alternate
  • Flicker 1
  • Flicker 2
  • Power Surge 1
  • Power Surge 2
  • Heartbeat Together
  • Flicker Blowout (triggered)
  • Dim

Add Custom Modes

Can't find the mode you're looking for? For no additional charge we can add a limited number of custom modes to your Lux Ultra 16. Contact Us to Learn More

Supply Voltage 9 - 24 V DC
Outputs 16
Output Type Solid-State
Isolated Inputs 1
Output Capacity 400mA each
Modes 28
Dimming Style PWM (Pulse-Width Modulation)
Audio No
Enclosure Type Black ABS

Hooking Up and Using Your Lux Ultra 16

Lux Ultra 16 Mode Demo

Can this control 120V AC lighting?
No, the Lux Ultra 16 is not capable of controlling 120V AC lighting. It expects 9-24V DC on the input, and will output the same DC voltage that it is given for input.
Can this be used outdoors?
This controller is not suited for outdoor use without a cover, or being placed in a weather resistant enclosure.
Can the mode control each channel independently or does the mode control all channels simultaneously? Have a use case where I'd like 16 LEDs to flicker independently for a candle scene
Each channel is independent, but they are all in the same mode. For the candle flickers you will have a different flashing pattern on each channel.