Lux Micro


Small LED lighting controller. Features 23 different modes and can drive up to 2A of LEDs! Controls 9-24V DC LEDs. LED only.

This can NOT control 120V AC lighting.

Power Supply Not Included
This product does not come with a power supply! We have them available for purchase separately.
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The Lux Micro connects inline with 9-24V lighting and provides 23 different effects for a single output channel, capable of running 2A of lighting!

A push button located on the devices allows you to change the mode. When the device is powered off and turned back on it will remember the last mode it was set in.

We recommend Ned's LEDs for your LED lighting.


  • Constant On
  • 3 Dimmed Modes (low, medium, high)
  • 2 Candle Flicker Modes
  • 4 Strobe Modes (snail, slow, moderate, fast)
  • 3 Power Modes (2 surge, 1 outage)
  • 3 Pulse Modes (slow, moderate, fast)
  • 3 Half Pulse Modes (slow, moderate, fast)
  • 3 Heartbeat Modes (slow, moderate, fast)
  • Off

Add Custom Modes

Can't find the mode you're looking for? For no additional charge we can add a limited number of custom modes to your Lux Micros. Contact Us to Learn More

Dimensions 1.3" x 0.58" (not including wires)
Supply Voltage 9 - 24 V DC
Outputs 1
Output Capacity 2A
Modes 23
Dimming Style PWM (Pulse-Width Modulation)
Enclosure Type Heat Shrink
Wire Length ~4 inches

Hooking Up and Using Your Lux Micro

Lux Micro Demo

Can this control 120V AC lighting?
No, the Lux Micro is not capable of controlling 120V AC lighting. It expects 9-24V DC on the input, and will output the same DC voltage that it is given for input.
My Lux Micro Does Nothing
First confirm that the Lux Micro is turned on by verifying that the power supply is functioning properly.
Then, double check that the wiring is correct. The red and black wires are the positive and negative INPUT, the red and blue wires are positive and negative OUTPUT to your LEDs.

If the output lights do not turn, make sure your Lux Micro is not in the Off mode by pressing the button a couple of times.
After pressing the mode button plenty of times, if the output lights still do not turn on, please contact us.
My Lux Micro Blinks 10 Times When Turning On
If the output lights flash 10 times when powered on, then are off for 5 seconds, and does not resume in the same mode then your controller is broken. Please contact us.
My Lux Micro Does Not Resume in the Previous Mode
If your controller does not resume in the previous mode after powering off, please make sure you wait 15 seconds after changing modes.
This gives the Lux Micro a chance to safely save the selected mode.
If it still fails to resume in the previous mode, please contact us.
Light is Constantly On
If your light is constantly on, and pressing the button does nothing then please verify that you have the input wiring correct. The red and blue wires are the OUTPUT. Blue is the output negative. Red and black are INPUT.
Can this be used outdoors?
This controller is not suited for outdoor use without a cover. We recommend placing it in an enclosure such as a SOCKiTBOX.
For Power, do you hook this up to a barrel connector and then power it from a 12 volt 2 amp plug?
The Lux Micro does not come with any kind of connector on it. It's just 2 wires one for positive and one for negative. You can get an adapter for your barrel connector that has screw terminals on it ("barrel jack screw terminal" on Amazon for instance). This would be the easiest way to attach it to a standard barrel jack. Yes a 12V 2A power supply is enough for the Lux Micro.