Wiper Motor Module 12V


Easily control a wiper motor from your 12V solid-state prop controller!

This module can not record motor movement, it is designed to be used with a controller.

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This module gives you the ability to control wiper motors using standard solid-state prop controllers. You can even use the park functionality.

Since this module uses relays, your controller will remain isolated from your wiper motor. Connect a separate high-current power supply, or tie it to your existing power supply (will not be isolated then), and you're ready to control a wiper motor!

Designed to be wired to a Prop Motor from FrightProps.

Why Use This Module?

This module is a replacement for manually wiring relays to control a wiper motor. It allows you to simply hook up a motor, and then connect to your controller without any extra wires.

Even if your controller is relay-based, this module will simplify the wiring for controlling your motor.

If you ever need to replace or change your controller, not having a lot of wiring tied directly to the controller will make that process go a lot smoother.

Dimensions 3.1" x 1.7"
Supply Voltage 12V Input, 12V - 36V Motor
Output Capacity 10A
Enclosure Type No Enclosure
Mounting Screw Size #4 or M3

Module Overview

Can this be used with your controllers?
Yes! This can be controlled by all of our Prop Controllers.

It can also be controlled by any controller with solid-state outputs, as long as they are active low (meaning that they have to control the GND on the output).

The only thing that is required is that it is 12V.
Where Can I buy a wiper motor for this module?
We recommend purchasing this Prop Motor from FrightProps for use with this module.
Any other wiper motor might have different wiring colors, and you'll have to figure out where they should be placed.
Can this use motor park functionality?
Yes! This module provides you the ability to use the park functionality of wiper motors. To park, you will have to have one of the directions (CW or CCW) on as well as the PRK input. This will run your motor until it reaches the park position.
Be sure to watch the videos on using this product for an example! Or read the user manual.
Can this control the motor speed?
NO! This module does not allow for variable speed of the motor. You can change the wiring of the Speed wire to change the RPM, but it will run at the factor set RPMs for that motor.

You can also change the speed of the wiper motor by using a different voltage to power it. Try using a "Motor Speed Controller" to adjust the input voltage for the Motor Power.
Can this work with 5V or 24V?
The module is designed to work with 12V! If you want to control this with 5V, 24V, or anything that is not 12V, you will need to change the relays.
We can do this for you if you wish, just add a comment to your order.

If you want to do it yourself, replace the relays with DC5LE-1 DC5 for 5V and DC5LE-1 DC24 for 24V.
You might need to use those model numbers to source the components from other suppliers if out of stock.