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Asylum Sound Effects


50 gruesome and horrifying sound effects straight from the insane asylum.

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This digital download audio pack contains 50 unique asylum/hospital sounds to truly make your guests think they've gone insane!

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  1. Lunatic "Let Me Out" (8s)
  2. Lunatic "It's Not My Fault" (7s)
  3. Lunatic Straight Jacket Laughing (15s)
  4. Lunatic Straight Jacket Nonsense (13s)
  5. Lunatic "Help Me" (14s)
  6. Lunatic Nonsense Electrocution (16s)
  7. Lunatic Scream Electrocution (17s)
  8. Lunatic "You're Next" (8s)
  9. Lunatic "You're Next" Banging (13s)
  10. Lunatic "Let Me Out" Banging (16s)
  11. Lunatic "You Won't Make It Out Of Here" (10s)
  12. Lunatic Laugh 1 (12s)
  13. Lunatic Laugh 2 (13s)
  14. Patient Drilling (15s)
  15. Patient Electrocution (19s)
  16. Patient Electric Saw (14s)
  17. Patient Mumbling (13s)
  18. Female Nurse Intercom "Code Red" (6s)
  19. Female Nurse Intercom "Paging Doctor" (6s)
  20. Female Nurse Intercom "Patient Escape" (8s)
  21. Female Nurse Intercom "Lunatic On The Loose" (12s)
  22. Female Nurse "More Volts" (10s)
  23. Female Nurse "He's Gone Doctor" (8s)
  24. Female Nurse "Another Episode" (10s)
  25. Female Nurse "We're Losing Him" (8s)
  26. Female Nurse "He's Stabilizing" (8s)
  27. Evil Doctor Laugh Bone Saw (14s)
  28. Evil Doctor Laugh Bone Saw Extra Bloody (14s)
  29. Evil Doctor Laugh Electric Drill (12s)
  30. Evil Doctor Laugh Electric Drill Extra Bloody (12s)
  31. Evil Doctor Laugh Electricity (13s)
  32. Evil Doctor Laugh Electricity Scream (12s)
  33. Evil Doctor "Hold Still" (10s)
  34. Evil Doctor "Hand Me My Scalpel" (10s)
  35. Evil Doctor "Padded Cell" (10s)
  36. Evil Doctor "All These Bodies" (17s)
  37. Evil Doctor "Another Failed Experiment" (8s)
  38. Evil Doctor "Lobotomy Kit" (10s)
  39. Evil Doctor "Sedatives" (10s)
  40. Evil Doctor "Quiet Now" (10s)
  41. Evil Doctor "Clear" (12s)
  42. Muffled Patient Struggling (18s)
  43. Drilling Bone and Flesh (13s)
  44. Drilling Bone and Flesh Extra Bloody (14s)
  45. Hadsaw Bone and Flesh (12s)
  46. Handsaw Bone and Flesh Extra Bloody (13s)
  47. Heart Rate Monitor Beeping (15s)
  48. Heart Rate Monitor Flatline (19s)
  49. Defribillator (12s)
  50. Defribillator and Heart Rate Monitor (24s)

Includes an alternative female voice for 10 of the sound effects.

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