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What is Purgatory Props?

Founded in 2021, Purgatory Props LLC was started with one goal: create high-quality electronics and props for the Haunted Attraction industry and sell them at not-so-scary prices.

Haunted Attractions go far beyond the professional haunted houses that can afford to spend more for products and props.
There are detailed yard displays, home haunts, and everything you can think of.

A lot of the smaller operations, home haunts, and yard displays, can't afford to spend hundreds of dollars on a controller to make a prop move, or to make a light flicker.

And that's who Purgatory Props is trying to reach. Haunters who can't afford the expensive stuff, and are often forced to make their own.
We provide them with the same electronics but at a reasonable price that anyone can afford.

They can now get back the time they would spend making a custom solution!

How Do We Achieve Our Goal?

All of our products are made and used by our company. The primary reason for designing them is for use by Purgatory Props.

By doing this, we aren't designing products to be sold, we are designing them to be used.
We aren't making our products for us, and you!

This allows us to sell our products for not much more than they cost us to make. This guarantees that our prices will not be beat for similar items on the market.

Return/Refund Policy

We want you to be satisfied with our products. If you have any problems with your order or product at any time, please Contact Us and we will work with you to resolve the issue.
Any electronics product we make is backed by our electronics warranty.

Products Not Made by Us

We understand that people like to shop in one place for things they need. So we offer some common products that are related to the products we make (triggers, relay modules, etc). All products not made by us will be clearly marked at the bottom of the description.


Some of our items are available to be purchased for wholesale. Please Contact Us to learn more.